The goal of the project is to implement the Ideakymi competition in 2023 and 2025 and to establish idea competitions as an activity that takes place every other year.

The activity is aimed at digging up ideas and supporting their development at an early stage. Once the ideas are found, they are connected to the feed system, where the most potential ideas are encouraged, sparred, and advised through the Innovation Network. The innovative environments of some members of the Innovation Network, such as business incubators, research projects, and workshops, are also to be utilized. The target group is private innovators and SMEs, as well as medium and large companies in Kymenlaakso in the case of employment inventions.

In addition, the competition activity is conceptualized into the Foundation for Finnish Inventions Ideajalostamo™ (Idearefinery) program in cooperation with two projects. The projects are “Ideajalostamo Kymenlaakso” and “Growth platform for new careers and innovations”. The goal of the Ideajalostamo program is to implement a digital platform for methods and best practices, such as the evaluation and development of ideas, people, teams, and markets, as well as data content, methods, and processes to support development work.


Project implementers

The project is implemented by Kymen Innovaatioyhdistys and Foundation for Finnish Inventions together with the Kymenlaakso Innovation Network. The Kymenlaakso Innovation Network includes: Kymen Innovaatioyhdistys ry, Foundation for Finnish Invention, Cursor Oy, Kouvola Innovation Oy, South Kymenlaakso Vocational College Ekami, Kouvolan Ammattiopisto Oy (EduKo), Southeastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Oy (Xamk) and Kymen Yrittäjät ry, Southeast Finland Ely Center, TE Office, Kymenlaakso Regional Council, Kymenlaakso Chamber of Commerce and LUT-Kouvola unit.

The network meetings are held in turn at different members’ premises, so that everyone’s activities become familiar.

The project has been funded by the Kymenlaakso Regional Council, Foundation for Finnish Inventions, and Kymenlaakson Osuuspankki.

The funding of the prizes is not included in the project. The prizes have been funded by the members of the Kymenlaakso Innovation Network, the Foundation for Solo Entrepreneurs, Kymenlaakson Osuuspankki, and Vaninvest Oy.


Project implementation time, operating area, and steering group

The implementation time of the project is from May 1, 2023, to December 31, 2025. The operating area is Kymenlaakso. The members of the steering group consist of representatives of the Kymenlaakso Innovation Network.

For more information:

Markku Merovuo
Kymen Innovaatioyhdistys
Tel. +358 44 333 1891

Juhani Talvela
Foundation for Finnish Inventions
Tel. +358 50 62 471