From idea to tangible in the Idearefinery 

The Foundation for Finnish Inventions is developing a web-based Idearefinery service to support Finnish inventors and innovators. The Idearefinery is a new kind of working environment, where it is easy to work on an idea determinedly and independently.

Versatile information materials, content and tools are produced for the Idearefinery . They help in growing skills and capabilities and in working on your own ideas. The material bank contains the exact information that the innovator needs, e.g. IPR questions, funding opportunities and finding experts. The toolkit contains methods and sample materials and process descriptions, e.g. for making confidentiality and license agreements, processing employment inventions and self-evaluation and documenting the idea.

When the innovator is ready to ask for experts, the Idearefinery offers a network of experts in different fields. The Idearefinery  also connects the innovator with services provided by educational institutions and universities and services provided by companies. Creating a prototype, market research, IPR protection, business planning, etc. necessary development activities are easy to find and reach.

The Idearefinery  offers a direct route to counseling and sparring services. In the national network, there are several conversation partners suitable for every idea, e.g. regional development companies and other entities producing innovation services. Applying for a sparring service is easy and the whole process is clear and always under the control of the owner of the idea.

Different stages of the sparring and counseling process are carried out in such a way that the confidentiality of the interaction, information security and data protection are carefully ensured. The innovator can decide for himself which innovation advisor he will cooperate with and which experts will be included in the development.

The development work of the Idearefinery  makes maximum use of existing information systems and services. Their functions are complemented by precisely defined key service components. As a result of the development work, a new and unique world’s best support and development system for early-stage invention blanks and innovation ideas are born in Finland.

All persons and organizations that provide services for innovators are welcome to join the Idearefinery  programme. The Idearefinery  offers a route for producing one’s own know-how and expertise to carry out the development work of innovators.

The 3 pillars of Idearefinery 

Partnership programme

What is it?

Agreement on cooperation to produce invention and innovation services

For whom?

  • Development companies of municipalities and regions, business companies, business service units and people.
  • Organizations that provide innovation consulting and business services.


Digital platform

What is it?

Shared working environment; a route by which new customers are obtained; contents and methods with which customers are served.

For whom?

  • Organizations of the partnership programme and the people who produce their innovation services.
  • Inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, startup teams.
  • Experts whose services are used in customer projects.


Processes and contents

What is it?

Methods and best practices for evaluating and developing an idea, person, team, market, etc.; information content, methods and processes to support development work.


For whom?

  • Innovation consulting for those producing tools and resources for scaling service production.
  • For innovators, entrepreneurs and inventors to work independently.
  • Content for experts and service providers for their own use and also for communicating their expertise and service.


Idearefinery  path

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